The Company that Introduced Counterintelligence Services

Counterintelligence Movers and Shakers? By Elsa Lee

Advantage SCI is a Counterintelligence company. I stated this company in 2000. Since then, we have performed as a Prime contractor on government contracts with global support requirements. The value of those contracts exceeds $100 Million dollars. We’ve built a diverse portfolio with broad capabilities in multiple areas of expertise and dominate the Counterintelligence market. In simple terms, counterintelligence (CI) is a national security mission. Only a small number of national level intelligence agencies’ CI agents perform this mission. This mission is further supported by analysts, contractors, and technical subject matter experts with some limitations. CI agents and missions focus on activities related to foreign intelligence entities, terrorist threats, treason, sabotage, and the espionage activities of US and foreign personnel (including Cyber and Insider Threats), relative to their interest in classified information and critical US/defense technology. Advantage SCI has 41 years of cumulative contract experience just on CI contracts. We have provided simultaneous CI support to the CI directorates of multiple agencies. Our premier services include repeatable processes and reliability in detection and identification of FIE trends and reporting across the CI spectrum – CI solutions of mutual interest to IC customers. Our CI experts advanced through the ranks performing all aspects of CI Functional Services, providing executive level briefings to national decision makers, managing or creating CI Cyber/Insider Threat and TSCM programs successfully and compliantly. We provide the U.S Government clients with over 100 years of collective expertise. See related posting on Linkedin

Counterintelligence – Customized

We provide CI cleared staff to Defense and Federal agencies. Clients typically purchase through TABSS, GSA Schedule 84, Fedbizopps, or Direct Source. CI employees come in various combinations – TSCM and Insider Threat Seniors, mid CI Cyber Analysts, or formerly badged and credentialed Counterintelligence Analysts. They augment government teams to establish or create programs from the ground up. Our CI professionals attend and participate in community meetings for clients. Some travel all year round to global locations. CI services are purchased for three to five year periods requiring small to large CI teams. Teams will either support ongoing operations, create or design programs, or train others. CI Services are available to any U.S. Government organization. Counterintelligence principles are a good foundation for methods to protect corporate assets and the nations critical infrastructure facilities. It is possible for US private companies to purchase CI based services under Risk Mitigation Consulting, which is based on CI principles. CI principles gave me the idea to write my first book Homeland Security and Private Sector Business. The book adapts CI principles for businesses and critical infrastructure owners to “harden and protect facilities against attacks” This book later became the model for a Homeland Security Certificate Program at UCLA Los Angeles, where I was invited to teach the pilot course and now sit on the Advisory Board. For more information on how we can tailor services for your needs, contact Advantage SCI today at info@advantagesci.com