Our Expertise

We offer an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities, enabling delivery of practical solutions to national security, defense, and cyber threats. Some of our specialties include Corporate Espionage countering Terrorism, Cyber Threats, Business Threats, Insider Threats (Capability Statement), and Active Shooter preparedness – do not wait for a disaster to prepare!.    Quarterly training schedule available Our expertise addresses emerging global challenges in key areas that are critical to the defense of the nation and its allies. The company qualifies to bid within various NAICS codes and GSA Schedule 84 and holds certifications from GovConNet Institute and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (see applicable logos below).

Our corporate security services help corporate customers with risk management solutions protect corporate assets.  Advantage SCI offers consulting and training services, whether you are a financial institution or a company with government clients – you have requirements you must meet in order to be in compliance with Executive Orders, Homeland Security mandates or Defense Security Services regulations to protect information assets, national security, or our nation’s critical infrastructure facilities from attacks, theft or exploitation from insiders, terrorists, or foreign threats or industrial threats.   We tailor solutions to help you comply with federal mandates and secure your assets.  Our unique solutions are enhanced by behavioral science methodologies, resulting in a more effective assessment and cost savings over solutions that rely on technology alone. We offer training to schools to prepare teachers in the event of an armed intrusion incident and we lend our expertise in national security and terrorism. We bring proven expertise and offer the following services:
    *Insider Threats and Risk Management Program*
    *Physical Access/Entry Control Systems and Procedure Assessment*
    *Information Systems Security Assessment; Security Training seminars*
    *Evacuation and Disaster Recovery Plan Formulation Assistance*
    *Terrorist Methodology Training to thwart attacks on private sector assets*
    *Travel Security/Foreign Travel Safety Training*
    *”Active Shooter” Training seminars*

Purchase our app for security advisories for your iPhone or Android phone and do not travel abroad without it.  iTravelSafe®, the App for iPhone and Android that alerts for foreign travel threats for college students or business travelers.

Questions about our capabilities/services? Please contact Lisa Handschumacher in Business Development at (310) 536-9876.
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