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Counterintelligence Expert Elsa Lee on Good Day LA

November 16, 2015, Counterintelligence professional Elsa Lee was interviewed on FOX 11 Good Day LA about the Paris attacks. Good Day LA wanted to know.. “if America should be worried about ISIS and why?”

Elsa said “Yes, most definitely America should be worried about ISIS! America is a target and like France, we have open borders with easy entry. Anyway, it’s not like we have to wait for the terrorist to get here and carry out attacks. They are already here and are already plotting. They have enough Western recruits in place and they openly encourage them to carry out attacks in their own countries – so we too can experience what Paris just went though if we are not prepared. ISIS is effective at recruiting westerners through social media and internet.  An intelligence capability is not enough to stop an attack. Also,  intelligence, law enforcement and government alone cannot track, detect, and deter attacks – citizens and society must also perform a role and do more to be vigilant and report people who are engaged in terrorist activity and people who are clearly casing and doing reconnaissance. “